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SAP ??
1/18/12 12:56 PM
Hello friends,
I am very much thankful for the continous support by the active members of trust7.
I have some doubts and want some clarifications on SAP.
I am a beginner in SAP and wanted to persue a course of SAP berater zertifizierung.My Background has been in Buying(Einkauf) and have a good 14 years experience in the field of Buying.
After few years of working in Germany I felt that my area of work is very much limited to Germans or europeans and thats when I started thinking about other avenues.
So now few questions on SAP beginner.
1) Which Area to specialise on (MM,SD,FI,CO,BI,ABAP) keeping in mind my previous experience.
2) I see MM as best option for meBut there are very few jobs in Consulting area MM
3) What can you expect after completing the certification.. Jobs chances and approx start salary
4) I noticed that a lot of people are persuing FI as it seems to have more demand in the market currently But I have no finace background and no distant experience in Buchaltung.

I know that there are a lot of SAP people in this forum and would apprecaite your feedback in this regard.
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Re: SAP ?? any suggestion
1/20/12 6:38 PM as a reply to Girish Nautiyal.
Hi All,
Any suggestion guys.
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RE: SAP ??
12/23/21 11:52 AM as a reply to Girish Nautiyal.

If you are interested in learning the SAP or other modules of SAP then join the best ​​SAP MM training​ that I have ever known. This course provides the knowledge for all levels from Beginner to Advanced Level. I would like to suggest this SAP MM module course because I have completed this course and I realize this is the best place to learn the SAP MM module in detail.
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RE: SAP ??
7/14/22 8:20 PM as a reply to Girish Nautiyal.
Awesome site i love it keep posting more   storage sheds spokane
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