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Help needed!

Kids custody after divorce

Kids custody after divorce
10/20/21 10:49 AM
Hello there,
I need an advise with regard to my situation which I will try to describe briefly.
I'm employed as professional in an international company here in Germany / Nurnberg, I'm an Algerian origin and and I was married with my ex wife from Algeria, who came joined me after having a foreign marriage on basis of Algerian rules/ matrimonial regime  and at the time I was on temporary residence. Tens years past having three kids and then my ex- orchestrated and provoked a situations to create lots of problem without understanding the real reasons - until I have received a letter from court where she had a lawyer requesting a separation.

I chose to pursuit a reconciliation and not break my marriage by fighting this in courts, after she premised that she will try hard and also to have equal time with the kids  - however, until later I understood the request of my ex- were to give her my assets ( or 50% of it) as condition to rescue the marriage and to continue to live together as one family.
To keep it short, months after I tried everything with counseling, mediation to bring her back to reason or to find reasonable solutions - then a year an half later, I decided that there no chance I have to filed for divorce.
Corona did not help, it prolonged the process and the other party tried every duty thing to present me a the wolf of the house.

I have been a close father to my kids, taking them every morning and back to kindergarten for 3 years - been present in every meeting kindergarten, school and medical/ doctor's appointments, football ( the kids are 13,11 and 10 years old)  - cooked and cleaned while the ex- stayed at home and refused every opportunity to start working or continue her education. 

Through the whole divorce process, I have learned a lot on German family law and kids custody law - I realized that kids custody law is very old and it's not evolving as many other countries, where the role of the father has changed and no longer the case where the father is in the factory and does not get involved in the education of the kids.      

Requesting a whechsselmodel as the regime so that the kids could have equal time with both parents and both parent continue to educated their kids is a battle and as father you need fight the dirty tactics and have a good lawyer with experience in this filled to increase your chances of wining. I have a lawyer but I feel that he is not hungry not liking these cases. 

My ask is with the consent of my lawyer, I am looking for family lawyer who has a good success rate in these cases and known her in Nurnberg.  ( FYI, divorce is not pronounced, it is due any time this year - 2&1/2 years already after filling for divorce adding the year of separation).

Please help with your advise if you know any lawyer that has a very good success rate in kids custody ( for Whechsselmodel) - please let me know.

Any other advise is welcomed
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RE: Kids custody after divorce
10/25/21 4:41 PM as a reply to Dz4ever . DZ4ever.
Still did not get a response from anyone..
Is there a website where you can search for a Lawyer per region, with good feedback on topics such Wechsselmodel?
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RE: Kids custody after divorce
12/22/21 7:29 PM as a reply to Dz4ever . DZ4ever.
When a couple gets divorced, the custody of their children is frequently a subject for the court to decide. In the majority of cases, legal custody of the kid is shared by both parents, while physical custody of the child is gained by one parent. And some of our kids are looking for a nice game, such as the best hyper casual games, or they may want to learn how to level up in gacha club.
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