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Top five things to keep in mind when scaling your tech startup

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Scaling your tech startup is an exciting phase of the whole entrepreneurial venture. The option to do so serves as validation that your product/service has value. In a cutthroat industry wherein 9 out of 10 tech startup fail, being able to scale should be greeted with a pat in the back for the good work. Here are five things to keep in mind if you’re at this particular crossroad of whether to scale or not:

Determine Your Workforce’s Readiness: Scaling means higher volumes of work and more data to process. Is your team ready to take on this workload? Can they work under the stress and pressures that come with expanding to new market niches or new audiences? Sit down with other high-level staff, such as senior software development engineers and product managers, to figure out if your current team has enough collective brain power to handle the new technical challenges that scaling brings.

Start with the Small Things: It’s a preconceived notion that successful startups, such as Uber or AirBnB, were already high-functioning companies right from the start. However, these companies weren’t born superstars overnight. They began on the hard route, which is by working on tasks manually. Take Zappos as a good example. When the company started, its founder, Nick Swinmurn, visited local shoe stores and took photos of everything that was on display. He then posted those photos on a website.

Figure Out the Tech First: A tech startup relies on technology to be able to move forward. If you haven’t figured out how to specifically scale your IT systems and product’s tech startup capabilities, it’s best to hold off any plans to scale. Figure out how to set up your cloud storage and organization, how to set up your hiring and training processes, how to automate your marketing campaigns, and how to improve on your product’s or service’s current technology to be able to offer future updates and features.

Work on a Mobile App: A mobile app is an expected feature for any serious tech startup. App development and maintenance, however, can be expensive. You can choose to either have an app built in-house or by an outside app development firm. It depends on your budget as well as the technical expertise and specializations of your employees and teams. Look for someone experienced in Ruby, Swift, Java, and other mobile-friendly and agile languages.

Consider Outside Investment: Startups in general burn through cash quicker than traditional businesses. It’s one of the many reasons why investors treat startups as a high-risk investment. Before scaling, think about your runway. How much time do you have until you eventually run out of operating capital and require an injection of cash from outside parties? Six months? A year? Perhaps your startup is only afloat until the end of the month in which case it makes fiscal sense to focus more on how to bring in more investors and how to bring down the costs of software development and less on scaling.
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RE: Top five things to keep in mind when scaling your tech startup
4/29/18 6:49 AM as a reply to Amit Tiwari.
I have a wish ro start up my Tech Company in Germany which is based on Educational Niche - StudyMona.
Basically We want to sell Online Courses for that We needed a German employee for their Language.
What are the processes to start a new Tech Company?
NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science PDF
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RE: Top five things to keep in mind when scaling your tech startup
4/14/19 7:57 AM as a reply to mayur chandan patel.
I also have a online business which is based totally Educational topic.
Business Topic - NCERT Point Courses 

So what would be processes for this.
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RE: Top five things to keep in mind when scaling your tech startup
6/13/22 1:41 PM as a reply to Amit Tiwari.
If you think about scale startup, there are things to keep in mind. Good staff is a foundation of your startup's success. Look closely at your employees. You achieved previously set goals. It is the first and the most obvious sign of startup scalability. Strong Cashflow. Exponential growth requires financial investments, no matter you scale up business or startup. The last: good working IT systems.
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