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Germany allowing dual citizenship now

Germany allowing dual citizenship now
11/25/21 7:29 PM
Hi all,
As you may have heard in the news, it looks like Germany is going to allow for dual(-multiple(?)) citizenships now. I would like to know if my understanding of this is correct.
Currently, I have German citizenship as well as my home country citizenship, which I was allowed to keep when I got my German citizenship.

Right now, I am living in Canada and would like to apply for Canadian citizenship. My question is with the new changes that Germany is making, would it be possible for me to obtain Canadian citizenship while keeping my German one (plus my home country nationality that I have always had)?

My second question is, I got german citizenship several years ago through naturalization in Germany. But didn't apply for it for my child as he had another country's citizenship as well (plus our home country's passport) and Germany wasn't ok to allow him to become german while having those two other passports.
With the new changes, can I apply for German citizenship for him now? Given that my husband and I were not born in Germany and became German through naturalization and have been having German passports for a number of years now.

I would really appreciate any help if anyone knows the answers to the above questions.

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