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Visa Questions

How I got my Family Reunion Visa after almost giving up all my hopes.

Hello everyone
Exactly one year back I was STRUGGLING to reunite with my husband while was pregnant and there was no clear response from Bangalore consulate or German Immigration office regarding my Visa status. 

I was stuck in India for 5 months and when 3 months completed after submission of my application I received an email stating that my marriage needs to be verified (which would have taken an eternity and our baby would have born in India resulting in ANOTHER round of application for family reunion this time with our new born. 

I remember how miserable and helpless me and my husband felt during those 5 months. I cried every single day and did all possible research online to find out how to get my Visa approved before I won't be allowed to fly due to my pregnancy. My husband also went to Grman Immigration office on so many occasions just to listen to rude responses of the officers there after standing in line for a number from 5 am. 
We will never forget the helplessness we felt during that period. 

Then I read on some forum that we can get in touch with a lawyer and seek help to reach the immigration office. 

I applied for my Visa in Dec 2018. Got a reply saying we need marriage verification in March 2019 and our baby was due in June 1st week. 

My husband hired a lawyer in Germny immediate after receiving email from Bangalore consulate for marriage verification. 
The lawyer wrote just 1 email to the Bangalore consulate and immigration office and guess what I received an email within 1 week asking me to collect my Visa and I reunited with my husband in 1st week of April. 
I CANOT express the amount the pain we both went through this separation. I had given up all the hopes of being with my husband while our baby kicked and moved inside me (which I thought my husband will never get to experience). 

There is a rule which allows verification of documents even after the spouse enters Germany. They don't tell this clearly. They just don't respond. Bangalore consulate is one of the worst. 

If anyone of u hasn't received a visa yet after completion of 3 months deadline. Plz plz hire a lawyer n u should be able to reunite with ur loved ones soon. 

Also we paid the lawyer for handling the whole case as we thought it's gonna be a longgggg process but it got over in just one seating. So pay the lawyer on hourly basis. U might spend 200-500 euros and u will be able to get ur spouse to Germany without further delay. 
I really hope it helps people.who r waiting to meet their partners. 

Gud luck 
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