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Help needed!

Family Reunion Visa - Probation period

Hello Sir/Ma'am and other members, 

I am married to a native German national. We got married in India last year. In dec 2018, I applied for a family reunion visa and then we found out that my wife should have a job in Germany. So, German Visa office had put my application "on hold". Later, we decided that my wife will go back to Germany and look for a job. She went to Germany on 1st April,2019 and she found a Job in Mid of May 2019.  Now, when we submitted the document (her offer letter and work contract) to Alien authority (Ausländerbehörde) then they said that we have to wait for the entire probation period to be over (6 months) and after that only, they will proceed with my application. We do not want to live this long seperately. I checked your forum and found out that many people are also facing this similar issue.

I want to ask the following questions:- 
1) Will we get any kind of exemption from this law, since I am married to a native German national. I found this below link to support this? Could you confirm if this valid?

2) If its not possible and serving probation period is mandatory, can i apply for Job searching visa instead? Can it be later converted into a family reunion visa from Germany itself? Will applying to Job searching visa create any problem for me, since I have already applied to family reunion Visa application, which is in progress?

3) Is there any solution/alternative to my issue?

My wife will be starting her Job in July 2019 and from that time, she has to serve another 6 months of probation period. Once that is done than i have to put down my papers in my current company, which will take another 2 months of notice period. So effectively, I am looking for 9-10 months of seperation and already we have been apart for 2 months. That makes 1 whole year. We are deeply upset and deperessed. Could you please help/guide me thru this. Please help anyone.

Thank you so much!
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RE: Family Reunion Visa - Probation period
5/31/19 8:35 PM as a reply to Amit Bhagat.
Unfortunately, processes usually take longer time and in most cases there is no shotcut.  Concerning the case of your wife, in Germany it does not matter how great or highly paid that job is, as long as it is still in probabtion period it will not be regarded as having a stable job. It  does not matter if she is a german or not, one of you must have a firm source of income in Germany for one to be able to support the other. 
One way out is, if your wife has close relatives who can support your both financially by presenting the evidence. Even if you are in Germany already and want to obtain an extension visa under your wife, she must still proof that she is able to support you. As far as I know, her work during probabtion will not be considered. 
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