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Visa Questions

German dependent Visa - Marriage Verification - Documents misplaced

I have applied my family reunion VISA in March 2018.
My husband was asked to submit the required documents in 1st week of April.
Mid May I have received a mail from the consulate asking for original documets for marriage verification along with a fee for the verification. and around 20th July, investigation officer has visited my parents house and also my in-law's house. And finally after continuous follow ups I have got my VISA stamped on October 18th 2018.

I was told that the consulate will give me my original documents (taken for marriage verification) along with my passport once the stamping is done. But on the day i went to collect my passport, they told me that as per their system the verification was not completed, so they will not be able to give me back and they will send my documets thru post once they are ready. And I travelled to Germany on 24 October 2018. 

After following up with the consulate, finally after 2 months, the consulate has confirmed that they have misplaced all my originals and they could send me a confirmation letter that "German consulate has misplaced the documents". 

We are confused on what can we do now? how can they be so careless?? As we are in Germany, it needs lots of time, effort, money to procure them back.

Has anyone faced similar situation.  Any suggestions on how to escalate this situation are really appriciated.

Thank you so much
-- Nalini
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RE: German dependent Visa - Marriage Verification - Documents misplaced
1/3/19 1:44 PM as a reply to Nalini Rayabhagi.
Hello Nalini,
If misplaced originals are just marriage certificate only and if you already posses scan copy of same then by same reference you can get re-issued new at nominal cost, may be some one in india can help you get that and courier to you.
by the way what was initial validity of your Visa and your spouse visa, I want to know this since I have applied for my spouse visa. As a main applicant I got validity of 6 months for me and expecting same for my dependenets.
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RE: German dependent Visa - Marriage Verification - Documents misplaced
5/23/19 6:50 PM as a reply to Pradeep Patil.
Hallo Pradeep,
Sorry for replying after long. Got to see the messages only now..
Getting the documents done is fine. but for that we need to travel to India and do all the process. I'm sure its going to take long time. but the question is how can a consulate be so irresponsible. 

And regarding VISA validity: the initial VISA issued was valid only for 90 days. My husband has a permanent residence in Germany and i was given residence permit only till november 2019 which will be extended depending on the German courses I do.

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